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Operating points of cotton knit elastic fabric treated by tenter setting machine

In the groove of the tenter setting machine, the fabric can meet the production requirements by soft finishing, and it is not easy to be scratched on the guide wheel. The tenter setting makes the fabric cloth surface flat and stable, which can eliminate the dyeing and finishing process. The wrinkles and creases formed in the middle, at the same time, the molding process conditions must be strictly controlled during the setting.


First of all, the temperature parameters of the tenter setting machine are usually determined according to the elastic shrinkage rate and thickness of the fabric. If the temperature is too high, the strength is lowered, the elasticity is lowered, and the fabric is discolored. The setting temperature is too low, the fabric is easy to be curled, the width is unstable, and the shrinkage rate is large. The speed of the speed depends mainly on the length and setting temperature of the shaping zone. The speed of the vehicle is too fast to set the shape, and the fine wrinkles are not easy to solve during the dyeing and finishing process. The speed of the vehicle is slow, especially under high temperature conditions, and the fabric is yellowed and the elasticity is lowered.


In addition to this, the setting of the overfeed is also very important during the operation of the stenter. Usually after determining the width of the fabric, choose the appropriate amount of overfeed and tension, which affects the weight, elasticity, and wrinkle of the fabric. For example, the fabric tension is small, the super feed is large, and the fabric surface is uneven. It is difficult to eliminate fine wrinkles produced by the fabric during the dyeing process, and the tension is large, and the amount of overfeeding is small, which causes curling during heat setting.http://www.haida-textile.com/