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Pre - Shredder Workflow and Lubricant Add

Sep 05, 2017

After the popularity of mechanical automation technology, even the textile machinery and therefore benefit from this industry most of the large mechanical equipment are surface a high degree of automation, pre-shrinking machine also included. Compared with the traditional equipment, now the pre-shrinking machine fine-tuning motor control system automation level gradually improved, greatly improving its efficiency.

In addition to the superb level of automation, the transmission of the pre-shrinking machine is also adjustable, allowing the fabric to be fed without tension. In the pre-shrinking machine, the fabric is first wetted by the vapor and the vibrator is softened; and then enters the drying zone through the vibrating zone and is dried at the appropriate temperature.


Pre-shrinking machine with a strong washing air cooling system for rapid cooling of the fabric to achieve the effect of stereotypes; and then use the rocker swing to fold back and forth fabric, in order to reduce the tension; but also through the heating auxiliary device and the code And so on to deal with the fabric, thus completing the entire pre-shredder work flow.

It can be seen that the pre-shrinking machine is equipped with various types of devices and bearings, these parts must be regularly maintained. For the pre-shrinking bearing, the good way to maintain is to regularly fill the lubricating oil, for example, the active mesh with a shaft filled with grease; the main shaft sprocket smear grease; on the box Gears or moving parts to regularly replace the oil.

When adding lubricants to the parts in the pre-shrinking machine, pay attention to the time of controlling the oiling, monitor the working condition of the oil passage through the sensor, and add the oil if it is found that the lubrication is bad. Because the lubricating oil can make the pre-shrinking machine parts become lubricated, its performance can also be improved.