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Pre-shrinking control technique for fabric shrinking machine

Dec 20, 2018

At present, most textile and garment manufacturers use shrinking machines to pre-shrink garment materials, but it involves how to control the amount of pre-shrinkage. To understand this, we can better understand the operation principle of the whole equipment. During the dyeing and finishing process, the fabric tends to be stretched in the warp direction, so that the fabric shrinks in the warp direction of the warp direction, so that the finished product has a high shrinkage rate, so that it can be finished after such pre-shrinking treatment.


The shrinking machine generally consists of units such as feeding cloth, wetting, heating, weft widening, three-roll pre-shrinking, loose drying, falling cloth, etc., and the pre-shrinking processing is mainly performed on a three-roll shrinking machine. When the fabric enters the contact surface of the heating roller and the rubber blanket, the fabric adhering to it is shrunk together due to the shrinkage action inside the rubber blanket, and is ironed by the heating rod to achieve the pre-shrinking effect.


Obviously, due to the special processing technology of the shrinking machine, the detection link such as the elastic frame is not allowed between the front and rear unit machines, and in order to achieve the predetermined pre-shrinkage, the pre-shrinking unit must be correctly controlled during the operation. The speed difference between the cloth speed and the cloth speed, so as to achieve the required pre-shrinkage control of the process.www.haida-textile.com