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Pre shrinking machine automation level and mechanical lubrication techniques

With the gradual development of automation technology, it began to spread in all kinds of machinery and equipment, of course, including textile machinery. As for the textile machinery such as the pre shrinking machine, the automation technology embodied in it is to improve the automation level of the motor control system, and is being perfected step by step.

It can be said now each sanforizer can show high automation level, but the level is good if you do not pay attention to maintenance still may affect the shrinking effect, must be in strict accordance with the norms of sanforizer inspection and maintenance, so that it can long maintain a good working state.

What should be done in order to lubricate this maintenance item? There are many kinds of bearings in the pre shrinking machine, and these parts should be filled with artificial lubricant regularly. For example, the active mesh belt in the pre shrinking machine should be filled with grease.


At the same time, you need to lubricate the main spindle with the sprocket, but also regularly brush grease, usually using manual or automatic refueling timing refueling. It should be noted that, whether it is the pre shrinking machine drive shaft or chain and other parts, it is necessary to control the oil injection time, you can monitor the work of the oil circuit through sensors.

In addition, the gear or moving parts in the pre shrunk case must be lubricated, but this is replaced by oil bath lubrication, and the oil must be replaced regularly. Once found sanforizer high-speed operation leads to severe heating box, the circulating forced system through the oil pump as power, to connect the box to the tank, moving parts spray lubrication, make parts get sufficient lubrication.

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