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Pre-shrinking machine fabric shrinkage effect

May 27, 2019

The pre-shrinking of the pre-shrinking machine refers to the wetting of the fabric during the production process, and then slowly drying at a lower temperature in a relaxed state to naturally shrink, thereby avoiding the water-stable shrinkage deformation of the formed fabric. Prevent problems such as size and color that affect the product. The fabric pre-shrinking machine directly affects people's requirements for clothing. The precision of pre-shrinking will have some impact on the production efficiency and product quality of garment manufacturers. Therefore, more and more garment manufacturers use pre-shrinking machines. 

Everyone knows that webbing plays an aesthetic or functional role, mainly in clothing, shoes and hats, luggage and other industries. The cloth is wetted by steam and the vibrator is slackened, which will soften the fabric; the cloth enters the drying zone after passing through the vibrating zone, so that the wet fabric can be dried at a good temperature. 

The pre-shrinking machine adopts a powerful suction air cooling system to rapidly cool the fabric and use the temperature difference to achieve the stereotype effect. The swinging arm swings the fabric back and forth to reduce the tension generated by the cloth. The special electric heating auxiliary device can not supplement the steam heating and adjust the temperature of the drying area arbitrarily; the assembly code meter can accurately measure the shape. Length of fabric. 

Some excipients with large shrinkage rate also need to carry out wet pre-shrinking treatment, hot pre-shrinking direct heating method and indirect heating method. The direct heating method is to use the iron, the woolen finishing machine, etc. . The pre-shrinking machine solves the shrinkage of the fabric by using a pressure basin to maintain the temperature and humidity of the steam.