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Pre-shrinking machine for pre-shrinking of various woven fabrics

Jul 30, 2019

The rubber blanket of the pre-shrinking machine adopts imported components. The humidifying component adopts high-efficiency, direct and controllable steam spraying drum and high-speed sprayer to ensure that the fabric can absorb the proper amount of water, then enter the rubber pre-shrinking unit, and then bake through the blanket dry. The self-regulating system uses the rubber blanket pressure to compensate for the change in shrinkage tension of each batch of fabric. 

After the pre-shrinking machine is set, the PLC programmable logic control and the process vision system make the parameter input and monitoring of the process automation easier to master. Under normal process conditions, the shrinkage rate of the fabric when it leaves the rubber blanket has reached the pre-shrinkage required by the process, but the shrinkage of the fabric is very unstable, so it is necessary to treat the fabric by a certain temperature and time. To maintain the stability of its shrinkage rate.

In addition, when the fabric leaves the rubber blanket, the water content is between 20% and 25%, and the fabric must be dried to reduce the moisture content to meet the processing requirements of the post-process. Reducing the moisture content of the fabric not only ensures that the fabric meets the processing requirements of the next process, but also helps to reduce the slip between the fibers and maintain the stability of the shrinkage.