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Pre-shrinking machine heat-setting process

Mar 07, 2018

As the fabric shrinkage due to raw materials, fabric and processing methods vary significantly, so the fabric finishing process can not be ignored is a part of the fabric pre-shrinking control to a certain extent, the residual shrinkage of the same Get a degree of control, which requires a mechanical pre-shrink machine.


Mechanical pre-shrinking machine is the use of compression methods, forcing the warp length of the fabric shrinkage, weft density increased, so that the fabric has a relaxed structure, to reduce shrinkage of finished products. Mechanical pre-shrink machine can also use the blanket or rubber blanket to maintain the appropriate tension cycle operation, fabric feeding more, and the fabric needs to contain a certain degree of humidity, then overfeed between the hot roller and rubber blanket, so that horizontal ﹑ Straight space compression, shorter fabric length, fabric structure due to the role of heat and humidity fixed.


Thus, the heat-setting fabric is divided into two types of dry and wet, dry heat setting is to make the fabric in the heating chamber heated by hot air, the seal is pulled to a certain size, cooling after the heating chamber, so that the temperature dropped to the fiber Glass transition temperature, resulting in a stable size. http://www.haida-textile.com


The hot and humid stereotypes include hot water bath and steaming two, hot water bath is to treat the fabric in boiling water or high pressure cylinder, and steaming the fabric is wound on the perforated roll with steam steaming. Heat setting can make the fabric size stability in a certain degree of setting, and the pre-processing of the pre-tensioning process, after the finished product washing, or drying by mechanical force, stereotypes plus pre-tension to eliminate, will reply before the stereotypes. This is the embodiment of mechanical pre-shrinking machine works.http://www.haida-textile.com/