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Pre-shrinking machine is an important finishing equipment in modern garment production

Mar 15, 2019

Pre-shrinking machine is an important finishing equipment in modern garment production

There are many types of pre-shrinking machines, including fabric pre-shrinking machines, fabric pre-shrinking machines, etc., and the price of different pre-shrinking equipment is different. This mainly depends on the pre-shrinking equipment that the customer needs. The general pre-shrinking machine is used to stabilize the shrinkage rate of the fabric, improve the appearance of the product, and improve the sewing performance.


The pre-shrinking machine is a finishing equipment for fabric mechanical steam pre-shrinking in modern garment production. Under certain steam temperature, humidity and pressure conditions, the garment is eliminated by the elastic shrinkage deformation of the fabric itself and the penetration and swelling principle of fabric and fiber. The potential shrinkage share of the fabric. Under normal circumstances, the pre-shrinking machine can be used for pre-shrinking processing of pure cotton, blended fabrics, and woolen fabrics.


Fabric pre-shrinking means that the fabric is wetted during the production process, and then slowly dried at a lower temperature in a relaxed state to naturally shrink, which can prevent the fabric that has been formed from being loosened and deformed by water, thereby preventing the product from being affected. Problems such as size and color. The fabric pre-shrinking machine directly affects people's requirements for clothing. The precision of pre-shrinking will have some impact on the production efficiency and product quality of garment manufacturers. Therefore, more and more garment manufacturers use pre-shrinking machines.


Although the fabric pre-shrinking machine is expensive, it is of great benefit to build a stable clothing brand, increase the value of the product, and build customer confidence in the clothing brand. In addition, the use of pre-shrinking opportunities reduces production costs and increases the added value of the product, making it an indispensable pre-shrinking device.www.haida-textile.com