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Pre shrinking the bar is reflected in what areas

Feb 06, 2018

Said pre-shrinking machine is great, then it is where the best? As a modern garment production equipment for the pre-shrinking machinery finishing, pre-shrinking machine can be a certain temperature, humidity and pressure conditions, with the elastic deformation of the fabric itself and the deformation of the fabric, fiber penetration and swelling to eliminate the fabric principle Potential Shrinkage Share.


Under normal circumstances, the pre-shrink machine can be used for cotton, chemical fiber, blended fabrics, woolen fabric pre-shrinking operations, not only to stabilize the shrinkage of these fabrics; also make untreated fabric soft, Degree adjustment, stability and original cloth size to reduce the sewing process, due to fabric shrinkage caused by ironing ironing.


At the same time, the pre-shrinking machine can further improve the quality and the dimensional stability of the fabric, and prevent the clothes from being changed in size or variation. Therefore, people are relieved of the problems of stretching and shrinking the fabric before the clothes are made. The physical properties of various types of fabrics or the protection of the surface quality of the fabrics have also been addressed, including the feel and texture, the color and gloss, the elimination of creases, the enhancement of fullness, the surface finish, the improvement of density uniformity and latitude Significant improvement.


Shrinking machine by the shrinking machine after the fabric size stability, feel good, and after the ironing is not easy to shrink, this treatment so that the best product quality, and added value to be increased. Even the chemical fiber fabric shaping process can also be achieved through it to improve sewing performance, making the fabric upscale and improve the added value of clothing products.


This shows that to create long-term and stable brand clothing, fabric pre-shrink machine is inseparable. The pre-shrinking machine shrinking method also has a variety of options, according to different fabric characteristics and pre-shrink requirements, there are wet heat shrink, rubber blanket pre-shrinking, steam pre-shrinking, hot air pre-shrinking stereotypes, the current garment factory Pre-shrink machine is often used in the steam pre-shrink machine.