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Precautions for setting machine use

Mar 12, 2020

The mobile electric appliances of the setting machine in the factory, such as floor fans, portable grinders, electric drills and other electric tools must be installed and used with leakage protection switches to implement single machine protection. The earth leakage protection switch needs frequent inspection, and the test jump should be no less than once a month. If it fails, it should be replaced immediately. After the overload protection wire is burned out or the leakage switch is tripped, the cause needs to be found out, and the power can be restored only after the fault is confirmed. Up and down the disc, the light intensity is moderate. Using infrared high-precision automatic edge-aligning device, the rolls are aligned sideways. Configure loose cloth stacking [Pine cloth width 50-60 cm] 5. Configure imported code table for coding, the number of yards and meters can be converted, greatly increasing the counting accuracy. Suitable for any carded woven fabric, thick material cloth, inspection cloth and chabson cloth. Main parameter type BS-2100HL Voltage: 220V Power level: 8KW Working speed: 0-50mm / min Fabric width: mm Size: 1500x2650x1850mm.

Woven cotton, sackcloth and chemical fiber blended fabrics, soak the fabrics directly with water for a certain period of time, then spread them out to dry. Depending on the type and shrinkage of the material, the length of the soaking time is generally several hours.