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Precautions when using the stenter setting machine

Jan 27, 2021

Before turning on the stenter setting machine, the operator must first complete a series of inspections. Only after inspection and ensuring that everything is normal for the stenter setting machine can the equipment be opened and operated as required. Otherwise, not only will we not be able to complete our homework tasks, but it will even cause certain damage to the equipment. Next, let's introduce the relevant content. During the inspection, we need to carefully check whether the power connection of the stenter setting machine equipment and each link part are normal, and at the same time, check whether the electrical, appearance and safety protection devices are normal. Then, we set the appropriate temperature according to the specific operating requirements, and check whether the heat transfer oil pipeline in the oven of the stenter setting machine is normal. If there is any leakage, we should deal with it in time; before and after the shift, we should sort out all kinds of Sundries, to ensure the cleanliness of the stenter setting machine.