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preshrunk ratio of the shrinking machine and temperature control of its drying cylinder

The shrinking machine is a kind of mechanical equipment which is preshrunk for fabric.It is used to make the preshrunk deformation by contacting the heating roller with the fabric.In order to achieve the ideal preshrinking effect, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the shrinking machine’s cylinder to keep it stable.

Under certain temperature conditions, fabric with certain humidity can produce the shrinkage deformation, and the shape of fabric can be stabilized to achieve good preshrinking effect.So it is very important to control the temperature of the loaded roller.

This part of shrinking machine was done with a non-contact infrared sensor.But in the actual work, the loaded roller is a high-speed roller,the measured object is curved surface and high degree of finish, which makes the infrared sensor diverge in the infrared and the wavelength is inconsistent, resulting in a large measurement error.

In order to effectively control the steam temperature of the loaded roller, the current shrinking machine uses the electric valve to test and control the surface temperature of the loaded roller with the method of measuring the backwater temperature through the button heat resistance.The temperature control system composed of pneumatic membrane valve has good stability and reliable control, which can achieve the purpose of preshrunk.

In addition, there are online monitoring of preshrunk ratio.The change in length of fabric is measured by high precision measuring device on the machine and out of the cloth, and compared with the set value,When more than + / - 1% of error, the rubber blanket preshrinking through PLC control unit pressure motor, adjust the amount of compression of rubber blanket, preshrunk ratio consistent with the set value, thus to ensure stability in the process of the shrinkage value.http://www.haida-textile.com/