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Prevention and Control Measures of Striping Quality of Stenter Finisher

Aug 24, 2017

We know that in the process of fabric processing, the general need for final processing in the late. Therefore, the quality of stereotypes will directly affect the quality of the entire process of the fabric. This is because most of the fabric after the other process after the need to use the tenter stereotypes equipment to shape.

So, once the stereotypes of quality problems, it means that the previous processing work is meaningless. Therefore, in the process of stereotypes, we must do a good job in advance, and to strengthen the quality control. First of all, we have to make sure the machine is clean. The reason why to emphasize the tensioning machine machine cleaning machine, mainly due to the actual work in the finishing of the stains produced by almost all from the stereotypes processing. So, we must be clean.

In the cleaning process, we need to focus on the roll above the roll. This is because in the process of stereotypes in the process, often there will be flying on the roll, and then roll on the roll will stick to the cloth, leaving a stain. Especially in the production of white cloth when the situation is more attention. Therefore, in the production process, we need to always check the roll surface is clean, if any foreign body should be promptly treated.

In addition, there are some issues that need to be taken into account. We need not only to ensure that the grating machine cleaning machine, but also need to ensure that the needle plate and the hot air network clean. For example, if the hot air net above contains more hair, then it will affect the cooling effect.

Of course, the cleaning of other processes can not be ignored, such as guide rollers and so on. In the cleaning process, it should be responsible for the main block, the station operator with the monitor supervisors. Only do this work, can better guarantee the quality of stereotypes stereotypes.