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Principle and necessity of using stenter machine

In the textile industry, a variety of production equipment are also used. In order to further improve the appearance and inherent properties of the fabric, it is often the case that the stenter equipment is used to finish the fabric.


1, the use of stenter machine equipment purposes:


For the user, the main purpose of the stenter making machine is to improve softness, stiffness, slip resistance, tentering and resin finishing by padding various dyestuffs, so as to improve fabric feel, glide and color , Width, strength, appearance and so on. For non-pure cotton varieties, they also help to stabilize their size after treatment.


2, stenter machine equipment works:


In the production of different types of cloth products, the use of stentering machine for its processing, the need to dip the chemical tank material first, was evenly squeezed roller into the oven. Cloth will be drying stereotypes under the effect of hot air when it passes through the oven. After setting, the fabric will have a good feel and a stable size.


3, the need to use stenter machine equipment:


The so-called tenter consolidation process, in fact, can be seen as a help with cellulose, silk, wool and other fibers themselves in wet conditions have plasticity, the fabric width gradually widened to the required size and drying, so that the fabric morphology To be a stable process, so stenter processing machine can also be called finishing.


Fabric in a series of pre-treatment process, will be under the influence of the force may be due to the longitudinal elongation, weft contraction and the like, and produce other shortcomings, such as uneven width, edge Misalignment, feel rough, flat with aurora and so on. The use of stenter machines provides a uniform, stable web of fabric while improving the deformation.http://www.haida-textile.com