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Process conditions and heat source performance of stenter

Feb 27, 2019

Because the fabric is heat-set, the original wrinkles are eliminated, the surface flatness is improved, the fabric thermal stability and other taking properties are closely related to the heat setting temperature.

Another major process condition for stentering machines. After the fabric enters the heating zone, the time required for heat setting can be divided into the following parts:

1. Heating time: The time required to heat the surface of the fabric to the setting temperature after the fabric enters the heating zone.

2. Heat penetration time: After the fabric surface reaches the setting temperature, the fibers in the inner and outer parts of the fabric have the same heat penetration time required for the setting temperature.

3. Molecular adjustment time: The time required for the molecules in the fiber to be adjusted according to the setting conditions after the fabric reaches the setting temperature.

4. Cooling time: The time required for the fabric to exit the drying room and fix the size of the fabric for cooling.


The time required for heating and heat penetration of the stenter is determined by the properties of the heat source, the weight per unit area of the fabric, the thermal conductivity of the fibers, and the moisture content of the fabric.www.haida-textile.com