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Process parameters and pre-shrinking operation of the tenters

Apr 20, 2019

The tenter setting machine is mainly designed according to the shrinkage principle of the fabric during the operation. The shrinkage mechanism of different fabrics is different during the operation, and some fabrics have strong hygroscopicity, so it is necessary to grasp during the pre-shrinking process. Good process parameters such as temperature and pressure.

The shrinking machine of the tenter setting machine pre-shrinks the shrinkage of the fabric in the textile printing and dyeing process, and the garment manufacturer uses the shrinking machine to pre-shrink the fabric or fabric required for the garment making to improve the softness. The fabric is naturally retracted by physical means. The fabric shrinkage setting machine of the garment machinery has the advantages of simple operation, elegant appearance, high efficiency and high efficiency, both in control and on the device. It is the first choice for garment enterprises to carry out fabric shrinkage.

The tenter setting machine can also perform pre-shrinking operation without pressing and stretching the fabric, and the fabric is subjected to low-temperature steaming, and various internal forces will be lowered to make the fabric have some plasticity, and the fabric will be in no The retraction is carried out under tension, and the contracted fabric is quickly stabilized after passing through the cooling zone to complete the entire pre-shrinking process.