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Ribbon Pre-shrinking Machine Pre-shrink Blanket Maintenance and Material Application

May 25, 2018

Knitwear is sometimes equipped with some webbing, elastics and other accessories, but the shrinkage of these accessories is difficult to match with the fabric, this time we must first require the factory to enter the fabric through the pre-shrinking machine, so as to ensure the use of late Can be more smooth.


The pre-shrinking blanket of the webbing pre-shrinking machine is generally made of a rubber material. Due to the special nature of the material, the user needs to regularly maintain it. When the pre-shrinking blanket of the webbing pre-shrinking machine is used for a period of time, it is necessary to perform grinding according to specific conditions, so that the shrinkage rate can be kept stable.


At the same time always check the inside and outside of the webbing pre-shrinking machine, whether the water nozzle is blocked; check the iron tube plating is in good condition; in the pre-shrinking process, the ribbon joint shall not use a staple, otherwise it will cause great damage to the surface of the rubber blanket , so try to avoid using metal objects.


Of course, cleaning is also part of the regular maintenance program for pre-shrinking blankets of webbing pre-shrinking machines. In addition to surface cleaning, foreign objects on the carpet surface also need to be removed. It should be noted that the cleanliness of the inner and outer blankets is an important factor in the stability of the shrinkage rate. When cleaning, the pressure roller should be relaxed, but the pre-shrinkage blanket should not be slippery, so that the machine will run at a speed of 3-5 meters per minute. Then in the pre-shrink blanket inside and outside sprinkled with weak alkali cleaner, soft brush cleaning both inside and outside the brush a few times to ensure that both inside and outside the carpet surface can be cleaned after use.


In order to prolong the service life of the pre-shrinking blanket of the webbing pre-shrinking machine, it is necessary to constantly inspect the presence of foreign matter between the rubber blanket and the drying cylinder and check whether or not there is foreign matter inside the blanket; and each time the machine shuts down, it is necessary to wait until the blanket is completely cooled. Can stop.


In addition, since the webbing preshrinking machine mainly uses pre-shrinking blankets made of rubber material, the maximum temperature resistance of the rubber must not exceed 130 degrees, and it needs to work properly under good cooling conditions. Therefore, silica gel is also used as a pre-shrinking blanket. Since the silicone is resistant to temperature, it is not necessary to cool it. However, the production cost of silicone blankets is high, so it has not been widely promoted.http://www.haida-textile.com/