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Selection and temperature difference type of the burner of the stenter setting machine

Jan 05, 2021

Mainly depends on the specific technical requirements and equipment configuration. There is a temperature difference before and after, and there is a temperature difference between the left and right. In addition, generally speaking, the temperature difference between front and rear is greater than the temperature difference between left and right. The temperature difference between the left and right sides of the setting machine is also related to the manufacturing process. Therefore, this issue will be considered in the design of the machine. 3. Are the speed adjustment methods of different series of stenters the same? Different series of stenters have different speed adjustment methods, because their working temperature, fabric amplitude and requirements for fabrics are different, so their methods are not universal. In addition, everyone should have a correct understanding of this point, and there should be no mistakes, so as not to affect the speed adjustment of the setting machine and cause various problems.