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Selection of pre-shrinking machine and its requirements for lubricating oil

Aug 11, 2018

As a kind of textile machinery, the pre-shrinking machine also puts forward corresponding requirements for the lubricating oil used. Because the volume of the pre-shrinking machine and the volume of the fuel tank are small, the amount of lubricating oil installed is also small, and the oil temperature during operation Higher, this requires the lubricant to have better thermal stability and oxidation resistance.


In the case where the temperature changes greatly in winter and summer, and the temperature difference between day and night is also large, the viscosity of the lubricating oil used in the pre-shrinking machine changes little with temperature, and it is necessary to avoid the viscosity of the oil becoming too low when the temperature is high, so that lubrication cannot be formed. The membrane should not be able to provide lubrication, and it should be avoided that the viscosity is too high at low temperatures, which makes starting and running difficult.


In addition, the selected lubricant is more adaptable to the pre-shrink seal to prevent damage to the seal. In addition to the lubricating oil, the pre-shrinking machine itself must be properly selected, and the selected equipment needs to be advanced, practical and applicable. And to combine the characteristics and needs of the fabric to select the appropriate pre-shrinking machine; In addition, the selected scientific and technical content of the pre-shrinking equipment must keep up with the advanced level at home and abroad.http://www.haida-textile.com/