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Selection of shrinking machine

Mar 12, 2020

High-grade woolen fabrics are generally not immersed in water during wet pre-shrinking, but are pre-shrinked by water spray ironing or cover wet cloth ironing. Some excipients with larger shrinkage rates also require wet pre-shrinking. These fabrics or cloths can be used in conjunction with a shrinking machine for unified pre-shrinking.

Therefore, the shrinkage of the webbing has become one of the measures to meet the needs of the public. The purpose of the shrinking of the webbing shrinking machine is to obtain a stable webbing size, which meets the standard of shrinkage in the warp and weft directions in the industry. In addition to stabilizing the overall dimensions of the webbing, we should also improve the feel and appearance of the webbing and make the webbing a certain important And degree requirements. Some customers mistakenly believe that the small shrinking machine and the larger type shrinking machine have the same effect on the shrinking and sizing process. It is unknown that this is related to the working area length, humidity, temperature and walking of the shrinking equipment itself. Speed matters. The small shrinkage machine has a relatively short shrinkage rate because the working area is relatively short. The shrinking machine is a medium-sized textile machine, and the price is higher than that of other garment machines.