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Selection of three major components for the frequency building hoist

Aug 07, 2019

The blue body iron on the frequency building hoist usually has a length of 6m, a width of 690cm and a guardrail length of 1-1.2m. However, in recent years, an aluminum gondola has appeared, which has a length of 15 m on the blue body iron and a width of 710 cm. Moreover, its guardrail can be lifted and lowered to facilitate operation. 

In general, the frequency building hoist specifications are different, so the specific size is definitely different at this point. Therefore, the standard answer cannot be given here. However, the user can customize the electric basket type according to the requirements. 

We can conclude that the selection and determination of the specifications of the construction basket is very important and crucial in its selection and use. Therefore, this step can not be mistaken, otherwise it will lead to selection errors, resulting in waste, making the user economically damaged.