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Shrinking machine is the ideal equipment to solve the shrinkage of fabric

Dec 06, 2018

The shrinking machine is a finishing equipment for fabric mechanical steam shrinking in modern garment production. Under certain steam temperature, humidity and pressure conditions, the garment is eliminated by the elastic shrinkage deformation of the fabric itself and the principle of penetration and swelling of the fabric and fiber. The potential shrinkage share of the fabric. Under normal circumstances, the shrinking machine can be used for shrinking processing of pure cotton, blended fabrics, and woolen fabrics.


During the dyeing and finishing process, the fabric will often suffer from large warp tension and characteristics, which will cause the fabric to shrink in the latitudinal direction, resulting in the instability of the warp length. After shrinking and finishing, the fabric shrinkage rate is reduced, and the hand feel is soft.


Because the shrinking machine is also considered to belong to a large type of textile machinery, although the price is relatively expensive, its value plays a great role and function, not only can increase the work efficiency, but also reduce the labor intensity of the employees, so that Employees can work more specifically. The shrinking machine has become a mechanical equipment for shrinking various fabrics. The market has a large demand for such equipment. The shrinking machine is changed from manual shrinking finishing technology to fully automatic shrinking. It is also the performance of current mechatronics.www.haida-textile.com