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Shrinking machine storage device and wet feeding function

Apr 28, 2019

Usually, if the silk fabric is to be made into a garment, it must be shrinked. Because the industry knows that the shrinkage of silk fabric is unimaginable. The shrinking machine uses a pressure basin to keep the steam at a temperature and humidity, and the steam temperature can be set and adjusted to better enhance the shrinkage effect of the cloth.


The cloth is wet and slackened by steam, and the steam basin has a uniform steam flow rate, and the cloth is softened and shaped to a stable degree. The speed can be adjusted according to the shrinking requirements of the fabric. All center shrinking functions are made of stainless steel, which prevents rust and makes the temperature more uniform and the fabric setting effect is better. It is equipped with a coder to accurately measure the length of the sizing fabric.


The accumulator of the shrinking machine is mainly configured as a J-type stacking groove, a tension adjusting device, and an edge picker. Its function is to save, to ensure smooth processing of the variety conversion without stopping the machine, and for the measurement of the cloth roll type, the measurement point before the hand measurement and shrinkage rate can be measured. The function of the tension adjusting device is mainly to adjust the tension of the cloth under the condition of storage and non-storage, so that the cloth can run smoothly, and the edge squeezing device makes the cloth of the storage device not go wrong.


The function of feeding and feeding of the shrinking machine is completed by the tension adjusting roller, the driving roller driven by the driving motor, the water spraying and humidifying device, the jet drying cylinder and the like. The main driving roller makes the cloth run, and can be adjusted to produce overfeeding; the water spraying and humidifying device is composed of a group of linked nozzles and water inlet pressure regulators driven by the same motor, and the amount of water spray can be adjusted by the water inlet pressure regulator The jet drying cylinder has a small hollow structure. The steam is ejected from the small holes, and the barrel is wrapped with chemical fiber, which serves to make the fabric wet and reasonable.www.haida-textile.com