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Shrinking machine won the praise of new and old users

Dec 06, 2018

Shrinking machine adapts to a wide variety and is suitable for velveteen, pure cotton, polyester-cotton, wick, yarn-dyed fabric, linen and other fabrics, and has certain compatibility with other fabrics. At the same time, it can get a good finishing effect, full of feel, soft, and clear lines. The shrinking machine adopts electronic side-axis synchronous control device, multi-unit AC frequency conversion speed regulation, PLC control, intelligent operation of human-machine interface, touch screen type intelligent control system, and all parameters can be displayed digitally.


The feeding and unloading in the shrinking machine is provided with an infrared sensing device to protect the personal safety of the operator. Other important parts are equipped with photoelectric detection and equipped with emergency hand-held safety protection switch. The tension between the units is automatically monitored, the speed ratio is synchronized, and the fabric tension is constant. After the shrinking machine shrinks, the shrinkage caused by the sewing and ironing is prevented during the processing, and the size change of the clothes to be produced is prevented.


The  shrinking machine has the functions of preheating the cloth, steaming, scalding, cooling and sizing to complete the ideal pre-shrinking of the fabric. Built-in imported electronic governor, the speed is adjusted freely; the steaming plate is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion; steam heating, steaming, heat concentration, low gas consumption, power saving; with the height of human body operation, reasonable structure, small footprint and can be made single operation.www.haida-textile.com