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Shrinking machines processing conditions are extremely set and function in each area

Oct 24, 2018

During the processing of cotton fabric, as the fiber is stretched, if it is maintained in this stretched state for drying, the state will be temporarily shaped, resulting in "drying and setting" deformation, and there is internal stress, when the fabric is re-run When wet, the internal stress is relaxed, and the length of the fiber is shortened to constitute shrinkage. In order to solve the problem of shrinkage, a Shrinking machines can be used. The basic principle is to increase the weft density and warp weaving of the fabric to a certain extent, so that the fabric has a slack structure.


The premise of using the Shrinking machines is that when the shrinkage of the fabric is too large, the over-setting machine can not pass the Shrinking machines; the main purpose is to improve the shrinkage and weight of the fabric. The Shrinking machines is conveyed by the high-temperature resistant fluoroiron conveyor belt, and the speed is steplessly adjustable. The mesh belt is provided with an automatic aligning function to prevent the mesh belt from being woven and feeding the fabric into the steam shrinkage zone.


The shrinkage zone of the Shrinking machines adopts 304 stainless steel as steam jet disc to prevent rust forever. It adopts steam direct injection mode and scattered mode, and has a steam pressure plate to improve the steam temperature to achieve the desired shrinkage effect. The drying zone is provided with steam heating and electric heating tube heating function, and the temperature can be adjusted [80 degrees over 300 degrees for thermal energy conversion, and the effective drying heat energy shrinks in the shortest time, thereby achieving a more ideal shrinkage effect.


The cooling zone of the Shrinking machines adopts a powerful dehumidifying cooling system to rapidly cool the fabric and use the temperature difference to achieve the setting effect. In addition, the Shrinking machines is also provided with a swinging bucket to fold the fabric loosely and neatly for easy placement, and a coder is provided for accurately measuring the length of the styling fabric.http://www.haida-textile.com/