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Shrinking process of shrinking machine and its steam consumption

May 09, 2018

The shrinking  process of the webbing by the shrinking  machine is actually a flattening process of the flat belt. This is to use a mechanical physical method to pre-adjust the shrinkage of the webbing and perform the ironing and setting the web under a certain temperature condition. The density is pre-shrink, so as to reduce or avoid shrinkage of the webbing during immersion or use.


When the shrinking  machine is operated, it is necessary to put the webbing that needs to be pre-shrinked into the machine, and then it is automatically pre-shrinked by the roller, the ironing is finished, and the automatic tape feeding such as finishing the bending belt is automatically performed. Because the shrinking  machine has achieved automatic control and production mode, all actions that take place on it are fully automated.


Most of the shrinking  machines use steam heating to bake off excess moisture from the fabric. From this point of view, from the first singeing process of the printing and dyeing process to the last process, the shrinking  machines cannot avoid steam. It is also necessary for the entire equipment to be inseparable from the steam, not to mention the long steamer, steamer, steamer, drum dryer, steamer, washing machine, and dryer in the bleaching and dyeing workshops. Dry machine.


It shows that steam is the main heat source of printing and dyeing plants, and steam consumption is one of the factors that make up the production cost of the shrinking machine. However, the price of steam varies from place to place. The average price is more than 150 yuan per ton, and the price is still rising. The amount of steam consumed by the shrinking machine can be calculated in a certain way.


Another point is certain, if the printing and dyeing factory learns to use steam effectively, it will surely survive, develop and grow in the fierce market competition. Therefore, each printing and dyeing plant should do a good job in the supervision of steam, and accurately measure the steam so as to control the production cost of the equipment.


In addition to the shrinking  machines that dry the water by means of steam heating, there are also shrinking  machines that work with other heating methods, such as electric heating, heat-conducting oil heating, etc., all of which will be used for the production of fabrics and fabrics. , processing provides great help.http://www.haida-textile.com/