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Significance of shrinking finishing machine

Mar 16, 2020

The pre-shrinking finishing machine is one of the key equipments for improving the grade of fabrics. The effect of the pre-shrinking finishing depends to a large extent on the control of the surface temperature of the pressure roller and the control of the speed of the relevant units. The speed relationship between the three units of the shrinking and blanket finishing should be controlled and stabilized. The front and rear control systems can use fieldbus centralized control to form a fieldbus control system, improve the reliability of data transmission and data response speed, enhance the system's anti-interference ability, obtain more field equipment information, and create conditions for management automation. , And can reduce on-site connection wires, etc., so that the pre-shrinking and finishing combined machine improves a grade. Knitted fabrics, especially those made of pure cotton or blended with other fibers, have dimensional stability that is important to dyeing and finishing plants or garment manufacturers. As market requirements increase, this problem becomes more obvious and urgent. It has triggered a "technical race" between dyeing and finishing plants and machine manufacturers, which seeks to reduce the residual shrinkage of fabrics and improve the appearance. And feel the best technical solution.