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Steam Shrinking Machine Pre-shrinking Process and Application

Mar 20, 2018

The most used in the production process of the garment factory is the steam shrinking machine, which is designed based on the principle of heat shrink of the fiber and has a remarkable effect on the treatment of synthetic fiber fabrics. However, in practical applications, the steaming shrinking machine can be classified and used according to different conditions and requirements.


According to the contraction mechanism of the wool fiber, the moisture absorption of the wool fiber is strong. Due to the directionality of the wool fiber scale, the wool fiber will produce a shrinkage phenomenon under a certain temperature, humidity, extrusion force, etc., and the temperature is too high or extrusion Excessive force can cause serious deflation in size. In this case, the use of a rubber blanket or a felt preshrinking machine to shrink the wool fabric is not feasible.


Instead, the steam-shrinking machine is used to perform low-temperature steaming of the wool fabrics. After the wool fabrics are steamed at low temperature, the internal forces between the various groups will be reduced so that the wool fibers have a certain degree of plasticity. In the tension free state, the internal stress release is performed freely, and the contracted fabric quickly stabilizes after passing through the cooling zone, completing the pre-shrunking operation.


It can be seen that the steaming method of the steaming pre-shrinking machine can also be used for synthetic fibers having heat shrinking properties, and the steaming pre-shrinking machine performs high-temperature steaming in a fixed state on synthetic fiber fabrics. In this way, it can be divided into continuous steaming shrinking machines suitable for wool fabrics, and heat setting shrinking machines suitable for synthetic fabrics.


The basic process of the continuous steam pre-shrinking machine pre-shrinking is to give moisture, steaming, thermal shrinkage, stable cooling, out of cloth, the fabric before entering the steaming device to the wet operation, to wet must be uniform, otherwise It will cause the fabric of the pre-shrinking fabric to be uneven.


The working process of the hot-air type setting pre-shrinking machine is steam to wet, fixed-width, heat-retaining steam, cooling setting, and cloth out, and the fixed-width is achieved by overfeeding and expanding two devices. In some hot-air-type stereotypes, a vibration flapping device was also designed to facilitate the release of residual strain force.http://www.haida-textile.com/