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Stenter main composition and performance introduction

Feb 04, 2018

Tenter setting machine not only excellent performance, but also has a variety of functions. It is also very user-friendly for users to operate the stenter. At present, the device has been widely used in textile and other fields.


So you know the main composition of stenter is what? In fact, from the appearance of analysis, then the overall structure of the device like a building block small circulation drying room shape, each drying room is equivalent to a separate temperature control unit. One of the circulating fans usually refers to the axial fan, wedge-shaped duct, uniform distribution of small holes. The spray duct can be drawn from the side of the drying room, so it provides convenience for maintenance work.


For example, we are in the process of cleaning, you can filter directly from the stenter out of the oven out, then you can clean up. Next, we briefly introduce the main performance characteristics of the device. In fact, as technology advances, the automation of the device is also growing. Has basically achieved the automation.


And in the process of using the stenter stereotypes, not only greatly improve the quality and efficiency of work, but also to achieve the full use of resources. And due to the stable performance, there are few failures and little need for lubrication protection. Of course, due to the actual work requirements are different, so in the operation process, we can choose the appropriate adjustment method according to the actual situation.


Moreover, during the operation of the stenter, the staff can also monitor the entire process with the help of a PLC system. In addition, you can use the system's role, these valuable information stored up for later access or modify.http://www.haida-textile.com/