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Stenter’s interface control and work preparation

Dec 26, 2017

Before operating the stenter, the operator usually needs to know and understand its interface control first.

This will help improve the proficiency of later operations.The key A represents the temperature control display table, the key B represents the upper heating instructions, the key B1 refers to the upper heating switch.The key C is the lower layer heating instructions, and the key C1 belongs to the lower heating switch.

In addition, there are key D and key E on the interface control surface of the stenter.In general, during the process of shaping, if the product or the fabric slanting phenomenon occurs, the two buttons will be used to make a one-way adjustment.Key F is the work speed adjusting switch, which mainly includes two functions,one is to open the switch during the preheating phase,the other is to adjust the speed properly during the holding period.

In the process of making use of the the stenter, for example, the operator needs to make adjustments through the key G when handling the roll.This switch is generally opened when you start working.In addition, the key H and key I on the interface are mainly used for product width adjustments.It is important to note that before adjusting, you need to measure the actual width of the product to ensure that the adjustment is appropriate.

Otherwise, if the width of the adjustment is too large, then the product can be damaged.If the width is insufficient, it will result in poor finalizing effect.The key J on the interface of stenter’s interface control  is actually the feed switch, which must be turned off when key D and key E are used.

In other words,during the running of the stenter , staff must open the switch, and wait to finalize the design is completed, and the temperature dropped to about 80 ℃, it can be closed.Then turn off the total power switch.In addition, the key k on the interface of the stenter is mainly used to exclude the smoke from work.http://www.haida-textile.com/