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Stretch setting machine to achieve good shaping conditions

Jan 30, 2019

When the cotton spandex knitted fabric is prefabricated by the tenter setting machine, not only the main process parameters should be reasonably controlled, but also the setting temperature of the spandex yarn produced by different manufacturers should be considered to be suitable. Set the temperature to avoid adverse effects.


Under normal circumstances, the spandex content of the cotton spandex knitted fabric is less than 5%, and the knitted fabric with less curling when the width is cut can be directly subjected to open-width dyeing after the predetermined type of the tenter setting machine, and the content is more than 5%. The knitted fabric which affects the dyeing by the opening edge must be stitched into a cylinder after the predetermined type to be dyed, otherwise the dyeing problem caused by the curling cannot be overcome.


In fact, after the knitting fabric is shaped by the tenter setting machine, the dyeing effect can be effectively improved by the appropriate cloth speed and nozzle pressure, and the cycle time is preferably 2 to 3 minutes. The calculation formula is cloth speed = cloth ring length cycle time.