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Stretching setting machine over-feed analysis

Jan 05, 2019

During the dyeing and finishing process, the fabric is in an unstable state due to the influence of the force, so that radial shrinkage occurs in the water. In order to reduce the radial shrinkage rate of the fabric and make the fabric dimensionally stable, when the tenter setting machine is tentering or shaping, overfeeding is required, and the speed of the feeding is greater than the speed of the tenter or the setting machine, so that the warp yarns are all retracted. Pull the latitude to the specified width.


Usually, for lighter fabrics, it is necessary to feed the fabric when the stenter is being shaped. In the fabric shaping process, in the case of "positive overfeeding" and "anti-overfeeding", in general, radial gates After the width is determined, the tension is radially applied. Reflected on the machine, the speed of the fabric entering the machine is larger than the speed of the setting machine (chain speed), which is positive overfeeding, which leads to the increase of the weft density of the finished fabric, that is, the weight gain.


The anti-overfeedof the stenter is exactly the opposite. The so-called super-feeding process refers to the process of providing a certain proportion of the required amount according to the requirements of the next step. The specific ratio: positive or negative overfeed or zero overfeed, The amount of demand can be expressed as speed, flow, quantity, quality, and so on.www.haida-textile.com