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Structural design and pre-shrinking process of water washing pre-shrinking machine

At present, the steam washing and pre-shrinking machine is designed according to the principle of heat shrinkage of the fiber. According to the shrinkage mechanism of the wool fiber, the moisture absorption of the wool fiber is strong. Due to the directionality of the hair fiber scale, the wool fiber is at a certain temperature and humidity. Under the conditions of squeezing force, etc., the shrinkage phenomenon may occur, and if the temperature is too high or the squeezing force is too large, the size will be seriously over-contracted.


Therefore, the wool fabric needs to be subjected to a so-called "tensionless pre-shrinking" condition in the pre-shrinking process, and the steam-washing water-washing pre-shrinking machine is pre-shrinked based on the state of not pressing and unstretching the fabric. The water washing pre-shrinking machine is a device with reasonable design, low cost, strong and durable, safe and reliable, simple operation, time and labor saving, saving money, compact structure and convenient use.


The water washing pre-shrinking machine comprises an apron rack, a stacking box connected to the apron rack process, a humidifier connected to the stacking box process, a rubber conveyor device connected to the humidifier process, and a baking machine connected with the rubber conveyor device process. Components such as a dryer, a discharge port connected to the dryer process, and a folding machine disposed below the discharge port.


The fabric is passed from the left to the right through the apron rack, the stacking box, the water purifier, the rubber conveyor device, the dryer, and the discharge port of the water pre-shrinking machine, and then falls on the folding machine to complete the pre-fabrication of the fabric. The process is finished, and the automatic output, humidification, extrusion shrinkage, drying, automatic folding output, and high degree of automation are realized.www.haida-textile.com