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Structural features, principles and pre-shrinking methods of the pre-shrinking machine

Mar 31, 2019

The pre-shrinking machine adopts the pure steam direct-injection type to directly spray the steam to the cloth, so that the cloth is fully exposed to the steam, which is more ideal than the previous steam-spraying mode. The pressure basin is used to maintain the temperature and humidity of the steam, and the steam temperature can be set and adjusted to better enhance the pre-shrinkage effect of the cloth. Thereby reducing the amount of steam power used. There is exhaust steam on the outside, and the steam is discharged to the outside to prevent steam in the room.


The cloth is wet and slackened by steam, and the steam basin has a uniform steam flow rate, and the cloth is softened and shaped to a stable degree. The speed can be adjusted according to the pre-shrinking requirements of the fabric. All center pre-shrinking functions are made of stainless steel, which prevents rust and makes the temperature more uniform and the fabric setting effect is better.


At the same time, the pre-shrinking machine is equipped with a coder to accurately measure the length of the sizing fabric, and has a cooling cooling setting effect. The stacking cloth has a rocker arm swinging type, and the fabric is loosely folded and arranged for easy arrangement. Fabric pre-shrinking methods include: wet heat pre-shrinking, rubber blanket pre-shrinking, steam pre-shrinking, hot-air type pre-shrinking. It should be mentioned that the pre-shrinking machine that is often used in garment factories is a steam pre-shrinking machine.


The steam pre-shrinking machine is designed according to the principle of thermal shrinkage of the fiber. According to the shrinkage mechanism of the wool fiber, the wool fiber has strong hygroscopicity. Due to the directionality of the wool fiber scale, the wool fiber may have a shrinking phenomenon under a certain temperature, humidity, pressing force and the like, and the temperature is too high or extruded. Excessive force will cause serious shrinkage in size, so it is not feasible to pre-shrink the wool fabric with a rubber blanket or a blanket pre-shrinking machine. The wool fabric needs to implement a so-called "tensionless pre-shrinking" condition during the pre-shrinking process.