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Structure type of stenter

Feb 24, 2021

There are many types of stenter, but the basic structure is nothing more than the following combined components: Guiding device: used to smoothly guide the fabric into the stenter, generally composed of multiple guide rollers, edge suction device and a belt It consists of a bracket with rollers. Drafting device: There are two kinds of cloth clip and needle board. Generally, the needle board type is used for cotton and wool fabrics, and the cloth clip type is used for silk. It is used to fasten the cloth surface and apply tension to both sides to stretch the cloth surface. Heating device: There are two kinds of open type and drying room type. Generally, a closed drying room type is used for cotton cloth and an open type for silk, which is heated by steam and sprayed to wet. Ironing device: the fabric drawn by the needle board or cloth clip will have the phenomenon of curved and uneven ruffles. After ironing through the drum with steam in the middle, the ruffles will be eliminated, and at the same time Under high temperature, the size of the stretched door width can be relatively stabilized, and the cloth surface can be ironed more smoothly and brightly.