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Supporting functions of vertical blanket pre-shrinking machine products

Jul 20, 2018

As one of the key equipments for finishing in the knitting industry, the vertical blanket pre-shrinking machine is mainly used for the finishing and shrink-proof finishing of cotton and mixed-knit circular knit fabrics. The fabric has a smooth surface, clear lines, soft handfeel, stable door width and low shrinkage.


Because the wrap angle of the drying cylinder and the rug in the vertical felt pre-shrinking machine is relatively large, the obtained fabric pre-shrinking effect will be better; and the rug used is imported products, which has excellent wear resistance and feeding. The blanket is matched with the Teflon plate, the strength is pre-shrinked, the shrinkage rate is low, and the cloth surface is flat.


The steamer of the vertical blanket pre-shrinking machine is made of stainless steel, which can be used without dripping and steaming. At the same time, it can also meet the function of adjustable steaming amount and automatic opening. The same is an important part, the vertical blanket pre-shrinking machine drying cylinder is controlled by PID instrument and the temperature control is accurate.


When the fabric passes through the vertical blanket pre-shrinking machine blanket and the drying cylinder, the ironing and calendering effect is generated, and the automatic correction mechanism of the blanket deviation is provided, so that after the fabric is processed, no tension is released and the cloth is discharged, and the operation is convenient. Precision stacking, neat and beautiful to ensure pre-shrinking effect.http://www.haida-textile.com/