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Technical analysis and setting process of stereotypes for stenter

Jun 11, 2018

Stereotype is an important process in the production of modern chemical fiber. The main function of stereotypes is to obtain stress relaxation of the stretched fiber, which helps to improve the crystallinity and stability of various properties of the fiber and reduce its boiling water shrinkage. The method is to use a tenter setting machine to heat the fiber first and keep it heated for a period of time, so that the macromolecules that make up the fiber can obtain enough active energy.


That is, under the effect of the tenter setting machine, the internal structure in the fiber structure can be adjusted appropriately so that the energy of the fiber structure tends to be the lowest. In the process of setting, there are many issues that need to be noticed. We know that during the dyeing and finishing process of textiles, fabrics are subjected to a variety of composite effects (including physical and chemical).


Under the combined effect of these forces, there will be certain changes in the external morphology and structural dimensions of the textile, and even some will lose the form, appearance, and style that the fabric should have, seriously affecting the performance of taking. Therefore, ensuring the stability of the external shape and size of the fabric is an important measure of product quality. So, what is the heat setting process for the stenter?


For simple analysis, in fact, in the process of heat-setting the fabric, a certain force is applied, and a certain temperature is heated for a period of time, and then the process is rapidly cooled. By means of a tenter setting machine, existing creases on the fabric can be eliminated, the dimensional stability of the fabric can be increased, it is not easy to produce creases that are difficult to remove, and the pilling and surface flatness of the fabric can be improved. The strength, feel and dyeing properties also have a certain influence.


The tenter setting machine in the process of setting the fabric, which can be divided into four different stages, namely: heating stage, thermal equilibrium stage, transformation and molecular adjustment stage and the final cooling stage. http://www.haida-textile.com/