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Technical conditions of the stenter

Sep 25, 2018

The setting of the stenter is a process in the production of chemical fiber. The main function is to obtain the stress relaxation of the fiber after stretching, which is beneficial to improve the crystallinity of the fiber and the stability of various properties, and reduce the boiling water shrinkage. During the setting process, the fibers are heated for a certain period of time, and the macromolecules constituting the fibers obtain sufficient active energy to minimize the energy of the fiber structure.


In this process, the tenter setting machine is an important device, and the stereotype needs to pay attention to many aspects:


First of all, in the process of pre-determined type, it should be considered that the fabrics produced by different manufacturers may have different molding temperatures; for example, the knitted fabric with a spandex content of less than 5% and a curling edge is not severe. After the predetermined type, the open-width dyeing can be directly carried out. If the content of the knitted fabric with the content of more than 5% is affected by the opening, it must be stitched into a cylinder to be dyed, otherwise the dyeing problem caused by the curling cannot be overcome.


In addition, in order to ensure the effect of fabric shaping, in the process of processing, attention should be paid to selecting the appropriate speed and pressure to achieve a better setting effect.https://www.haida-textile.com/