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Temperature and tension requirements for stenter

Mar 16, 2019

Temperature and tension requirements for stenter

Temperature requirements for stenter

Because the fabric is heat-set, the original wrinkles are eliminated, the surface flatness is improved, the fabric thermal stability and other taking properties are closely related to the heat setting temperature.

Tension setting requirements for stenter

The tension applied to the fabric during the heat setting process has a certain influence on the setting quality, including the dimensional thermal stability, strength and elongation of the fabric. The thermal stability of the warp direction increases with the increase of the warp overfeed during the setting, while the thermal stability of the weft dimension decreases as the degree of stretch of the web increases.

The average single yarn strength of the tenter setting machine is slightly higher than that of the unshaped type, and the latitudinal change is more obvious than the warp direction. After the styling, the elongation at break of the fabric decreases, and the latitude decreases as the degree of stretching increases, while the warp direction increases as the overfeed increases.

The tenter setting machine adopts steel structure shell, which is light in structure and easy to install and overhaul. There is an access door on one side of the shell and the ash bucket for workers to install and repair inside. The ash hopper part of the shell is provided with a spoiler. There are windshields under the top girders and on the outside of the electric field to prevent the dust-containing gas from bypassing the electric field from the inlet to the outlet to reduce the dust removal efficiency.www.haida-textile.com