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Tensioning machine main components and mechanical structure introduced

In stenter machines, there are a number of different components that each play a different role. As a user, not only must understand the role of these components in practical applications, but also learn good maintenance techniques to keep it in good working condition. Next we briefly introduce the main components of a drawdown machine.


In fact, the first thing to pay attention to in the operation of the tenter setting machine is to adjust its entrance and exit racks and the unwinding device in an appropriate state. The function and function of the cloth tensioning device are mainly that the tensioning device can arbitrarily adjust the angle according to the requirements, so that the required radial tension can be obtained on the fabric through the friction of the fabric. In operation, if you need to increase the radial tension of the fabric, you can turn the hand wheel to increase the wrap angle of the fabric. Similarly, the radial tension of the fabric can also be reduced by turning the handwheel.


So, in daily work, how to maintain it? First of all, with regard to the roller shaft and handle adjustment device and the transmission gear portion of the tenter setting machine, visual inspection can be performed first to check whether the traction roller has obvious damage, and whether the wear and the bearing seat are intact. When cleaning, the traction roller is mainly cleaned with a suitable cleaning device, and the roller surface cannot be cleaned with a sharp or hard tool.


At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of bearing lubrication and care. When checking, it is also necessary to confirm that the bearing components run flexibly, and that problems need to be replaced in time to ensure that the stenter machine equipment can be used normally.


At the same time, when selecting stenter equipment, or analyzing its configuration, a draft roller will be deployed at the cloth entrance. The device is mainly driven by a transmission belt with a motor, and there is also a pulling roller at the outlet. Its main role is to run the fabric. The press roller of the tenter setting machine is mainly used to increase the guide of the pulling roller.http://www.haida-textile.com/