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Tensioning machine operation shutdown

Jun 23, 2018

After completion, the guide cloth should be introduced into the operating table of the tenter setting machine, tear the guide cloth, select the cloth total control button to red, and close the needle protection entrance button to "0". The second half of the tenter setting machine is started. When the guide head reaches the cloth overfeed roller, the machine stops. Connect the guide cloth to the guide belt, close the cooling drum tension motor to "0", and start the second half of the machine until the guide cloth is completely out of the cloth. Stand off.


Then adjust the overall control button of the stenter to red and let it enter idle state. Hit the oven button to enter the heating system interface, set the heating temperature to 150 degrees, 50% of the circulating fan power, exhaust fan manual control and 100% power ventilation, which can effectively remove the residual moisture in the oven, so as to maintain the oven The role.


Then the heating system is turned off after 30 minutes of operation. At this time, the circulator blower and the exhaust fan of the stenter need to be maintained until the temperature in the oven falls below 100 degrees and then it is turned off. Closed cabinet power supply total control switch to "OFF", the computer automatically stores the processed data and closes it, cleans the stenter machine, and makes related arrangements. http://www.haida-textile.com/