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The advantages of the stenter

Nov 20, 2017

In fact, all kinds of textile products we have seen in our lives need to go through a series of processing steps before they are processed into finished products.One of the links is using the stenter to pull the shape .Especially in the processing of cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and other fabrics, it needs to meet the quality standard by the stenter.

What are the advantages of the stenter in practice application?Besides being used for drawing and heat setting, what are the characteristics of the stenter ? In the actual operation, stenters can produce a lot of positive and negative charges, these charges can be neutralized with the charges carried by the fabric to eliminate static electricity.

For users, it is not only easy to operate, but also easy for installation ,routine maintenance and repair work.Due to excellent performance, reliable and stable working condition can be maintained during operation.The stenter is mainly used to heat the air in itself with conduction oil to finish the heating of the fabric.

When the temperature gradually rises to a certain standard, the internal structure of the treated fabric will be changed ,This provides convenience for finalizing processing. At the same time, as technology improves, the stenter is equipped with a monitoring system´╝îIn this way, the operators can grasp the running state of the stenter better when they work.

In conclusion, after using the stenter, users get greater economic benefits .Both on the technical side, more different patterns can be woven.