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The analysis and solution of the detaching phenomenon of the thermo fixing machine

Oct 18, 2017

With the help of the thermo fixing machine, the quality of the fabric surface can be improved to some extent. Its main function is to make the size of the fabric more stable, and also can remove the various wrinkles and creases produced in the process of printing and dyeing. However, during using the thermo fixing machine, operators need to strictly control the shaping process conditions.

This is because if the setting conditions are not ideal, the desired requirements may not be reached. Usually, during the operation of the thermo fixing machine, the first thing to pay attention to is to select the suitable setting temperature. In general, when selecting the temperature, the elastic shrinkage and thickness of the fabric to be processed often need to be considered. If the temperature is unreasonable, it is easy to affect the overall shaping effect.


For example, if the setting temperature is too high, it may cause the strength of the fabric reduce, or discolor. If the temperature is too low, then the shaped fabric will appear the detaching problem. The second important factor to be taken into account is the setting shaping speed. Generally speaking, the operation speed of thermo fixing machine is determined by the length of the setting area and the setting temperature.

If the speed doesn't reach the standard, it may not reach the expected shaping results. For example, if the setting temperature is higher, and the thermo fixing machine is running slowly, which will cause the fabric color yellowing and the elasticity decline.

In addition, there is a problem that must be considered, which is the overfeeding of the thermo fixing machine. Generally, after determining the fabric width, it is necessary to select the appropriate overfeeding amount and tension. This parameter will affect the weight and elasticity of the fabric. If the tension is large and the overfeeding is small, it will cause the detaching in the shaping process of the fabric.

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