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The application of encoder in the thermo fixing machine

Sep 23, 2017

We all know that in the textile processing industry, we usually will use the thermo fixing machine. Because the device can effectively improve the quality of the product. And there is an important component in the thermo fixing machine, which is called encoder. Do you know what role it plays? Then, let's understand the specific content of it. 

The main reason to use the encoder is that, with the help of this component, it can improve the performance of the stretching machine. Among them, the incremental photoelectric encoder with many advantages, such as simple structure, high measuring accuracy and good thermal stability, has quickly won the popularity of many users. As a result, most of the traditional analog sensors are replaced by encoders

Then, what kind of changes does the encoder bring to the thermo fixing machine? First of all, with the help of the encoder, the quasi servo position synchronization control is realized. For example, in the actual work, we require the thermo fixing machine on both sides of the conveyor chain run synchronously, and the traditional way is not only complex, but it is prone to failure, maintenance is also more laborious.

Now, when we solve this problem, we can adopt two different schemes, and both can achieve better results. One is the use of servo control technology, by comparison, which can achieve more accurate control standards, but the price is a little expensive; another program is the use of quasi servo control technology, this method can not only satisfy the requirements of synchronous operation, and low price, to meet the domestic transport chain transmission thermo fixing machine to good use.

These are the main functions of encoders in the thermo fixing machine. I believe that everyone can have a certain understanding through the introduction.

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