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The basic requirements of the waste heat recovery equipment and the upper part

May 12, 2018

In the production process is mainly composed of five parts, including the feeding parts, chains, the oven body, the whole weft detector, etc., waste heat recovery and feeding system and oil furnace heating system.

Waste heat recovery of feeding part of the structure is relatively simple, in the process of made is mainly composed of chute and roll, the cloth into the slot, its take chemical material, and then the effective after the roll excess chemical material crushing clean, therefore, cloth belt by chemical way are very uniform.

Stenter setting machine on cloth is produced by the chain, near the off setting machine chain directly by its place of high power motor drive, the chain will be equipped with needle plate, the cloth into its chain, directly by pressure cloth round the cloth on the brush wheel pressure on the small needle needle plate, can be in two columns into the oven under the chain of transmission.

Waste heat recovery equipment in use process need to pay attention to play attention to the pressure on both sides of the roll around is consistent, otherwise, the smaller on the side of the pressure will be more, and less stressful on the side of the material, the cloth will appear around the quality problem of the inconsistent and so on

Its shape usually waste heat recovery equipment has eight groups of oven, the air in the circulation fan, under the advocacy role of constantly by star jet on the pores of spray on the cloth, hot air after the contact with wet cloth, the humidity increases, the temperature decreasing, this will walk from star jet on large orifice discharge, through the filter, by heat exchanger to heat up again after the cycle is used.http://www.haida-textile.com/