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The basic structure of the stenter and the function of each component

Aug 23, 2017

Engaged in the industry friends actually know that the main composition of the stenter can be divided into five parts, respectively, for the feeding part, the whole weft, chain, oven and cloth cloth cloth installed. In addition, also includes a material system and oil furnace heating system. Here we mainly introduce the five components.

First of all to introduce is the tenter setting machine feeding part, in fact, the part of the structural design is relatively simple, mainly by the trough and roll composition. In dealing with this part of the time, we must ensure that the fabric with the chemical material uniformity, otherwise it will be difficult to get high-quality stereotypes cloth.

The second part to be introduced is the weft. In fact, this part of the action system is mainly used in hydraulic systems. If the tenter styling machine during work, there is a problem of weft, then the part of the corresponding signal will be transmitted to the control board, when the control board to receive information after the corresponding adjustments, so you can correct the weft.

The third part is the chain part, in fact, the fabric of the tenter is actually through the part was able to achieve. Which is mainly by the near dropping the high-power motor drive, and the corresponding treatment. The chains used for different tenter trimmakers may vary.

The fourth part is the oven, usually, we use the tenter stereotypes contain a total of eight groups of oven. Where the air in the circulation of the fan will continue to spray under the cloth on the cloth. And the hot air in contact with the wet cloth, the temperature drop and humidity increased, after the heat exchanger through the temperature after the continuous use.

The last part is the cloth and cloth installed. In actual production, in fact, we can according to the specific requirements to set the pattern of stereotypes stereotypes, and these two kinds of way out of the way are driven by the motor chain drive to achieve.