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The basic structure of waste heat recovery

Nov 13, 2020

1. Feeding part: The structure is relatively simple, consisting of a trough and a roller, the cloth enters the trough, with chemical materials, and then the excess chemical materials are squeezed clean by the rollers. 2. Weft trimmer: 3. Chain part: The stenter of the fabric on the setting machine is produced by the chain. 4. Oven body: The setting machine generally has eight groups of ovens. 5. Cloth doffing and cloth rolling device, the setting machine can adopt two kinds of cloth discharging methods: orbiting or rolling according to production needs. In both ways, the chain drive is driven by a motor. When the cloth is rolled out, the tension stability of the cloth is higher, and the cloth needs to pass through a tension adjusting guide roller controlled by air pump. With the orbital doffing, the cloth does not need to pass through the tension adjusting roller but passes through a fixed guide roller.