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The characteristics of the shrinking machine for the processing of fabric

Nov 27, 2017

Shrinking machine is a pretreatment plant specially designed for various fabrics´╝îbut it's different from the products of the past.Whether it is the structure, performance or use of the preshrunk machine, it can fully reflect its distinctive features and advantages, even the installation and operation methods of the equipment have different requirements.

The shrinking machine uses a full-steam heating mode, which can save more energy and reduce its operating costs.At the same time, the wire mesh belt of shrinking machine is automatically adjustable, so it can greatly prolong the service life of the wire mesh belt and make machine more durable.

Special steam cover structure is provided in the shrinking machine, which can be used to pressurize the humidification zone.You get a better amount of moisture and you get a better reduction.And without dripping water, avoid the appearance of the surface water mark, suitable for a variety of fabrics, comb cloth, denim and other fabrics preshrunk.

While shrinking machine is working, it can effectively avoid the fabric being stretched when the fabric is uncoordinated, which guarantees the ideal condition of the cloth.More importantly, after the preshrunk processing, the fabric feels good and the size is fixed, so that the extension and contraction of the garment can be avoided before designing the clothes.

In addition, the prewet and steam of the preshrunk machine can be set and adjusted.Also there are powerful suction cooling and swing off the cloth folded on the code to ensure the smooth completion of preshrunk process and the pre-shrinkage effect can be achieved.