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The color effect of the shrinking machine and the basic requirements when purchasing it

Oct 19, 2017

The shrinking machine plays an important role in the finishing process of knitted products, especially with the continuous improvement of product quality and the types of products. The use range of the shrinking machine will become more extensive, and its value can be fully reflected in diverse industries.

In ordinary processing, the gloss surface, high flatness, higher shrinkage requirements and so on must be finished by the shrinking machine. However, due to the characteristics of the shrinking machine, the color of the fabric in the preshrinking process has also changed a certain degree. This color change may lead to the color can not meet the customer requirements, so that the dyeing and finishing of all the previous processes are affected.


In order to avoid the similar problem, before using the shrinking machine, we must grasp the change rule of the shrinking machine to the color influence. At the same time we also need to buy a suitable shrinking machine. On the one hand, users can select the desired fabric shrinkage effect for large and medium sized factories. Usually, the preheating heating area, steam preshrinking area, drying and setting area, cooling collection area can be longer in the shrinking machine, which makes the preshrinking effect more obvious.

Secondly, we should also choose the shrinking machine with internal circulation of steam heat and low production cost. However, the preshrinking function area of the shrinking machine is required to be made of high heat effect material, with less electricity consumption and energy saving. And it needs to have the speed regulation function, the preshrinking speed can be adjusted according to the actual preshrinking.

In addition, as far as possible to purchase the shrinking machine which is used widely, so that it can be used to preshrinking the various fabrics,including knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, jeans and so on. It can reduce the equipment and cost savings.

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