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The composition of the shrinking finishing machine

Mar 17, 2020

The whole machine is driven by 9 AC asynchronous motors (J-box without main drive), and the frequency is adjusted. The feed roller is 5.5kW, the drying cylinders 1-3 are 3kW, and the rolling and drying cloth are 4kW. The indented cloth is 4kW, the rubber blanket is pre-shrinked by 30kW, the blanket is finished with 5.5kW, and the cloth is dropped by 3kW. The first five units are synchronous speed regulation systems. There are elastic rack adjusting rollers between the drying cylinders 1-3 to detect the speed difference between each two unit machines, and the motor speed of the drying cylinders is fine-tuned to ensure that the speed of the fabric is synchronized during the operation. Constant tension. The last four units are proportional synchronous adjustment systems. In order to ensure the accuracy of proportional synchronous speed adjustment, the pre-shrinking cloth, rubber blanket pre-shrinking, and blanket finishing adopt rotary encoders to detect the motor running speed, and the detection signals are sent to the speed attached to the inverter. Card, thereby forming a speed closed loop system.